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Martinig & Associates has conducted software process evaluation based on the Capability Maturity Model (CMM ( CMMI) between 1993 and 2001 using a questionnaire based the first version of the assessment questionnaire produced by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in 1987. These assessments evaluated the quality of the software development process of organisations. There are more than 200 organisations assessed in our database from all over the world.

Software Process Assessments Results

ISO 9000 and CMM usage

CMM (1987 questionnaire) Maturity levels and key process area results

CMM (1987 questionnaire) Technology usage results


Does training influence the quality of the software development process?

Assessing Readiness for (Software) Process Improvement

Don't Write Another Process

Process Improvement – Is it a Lottery?

Personal Quality Management with the Personal Software Process

OpenUP –The Best of Two Worlds

Software Development Articles - CMM area

Software Development Articles - Software Process Improvement area


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