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Methods & Tools is a free software development magazine on Software Testing, Project Management, Programming (Java,.NET, Ruby on Rails, Ajax), UML, Agile (eXtreme Programming, Scrum, TDD), Requirements, Databases, Software Process Improvement, Tools. Methods & Tools is publishes quarterly PDF issues containing expert articles and software development tools presentations. It also publishes monthly text newsletters providing pointers to interesting software development resources.

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New Methods & Tools Winter 2013 PDF Issue sponsored by STARCANADA Conference

* Software Architecture - Simple Sketches for Diagramming
* The UX Runway - Integrating UX, Lean, and Scrum Cohesively
* Toyota Kata - Habits for Continuous Improvement
* GVM Groovy enVironment Manager – Manage Your Groovy SDK Configuration
* Selenide - Concise UI tests in Java

Future articles: Chopping Onions Instead of Layers in Architecture, Scrum: The Done Principles,
Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, KADOS Scrum Tool